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New York by Sea, Air and Space!

New York by Sea, Air and Space

The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum at 700 West 46th Street (tel 001 (212) 245 0072) is looking forward to welcoming the Space Shuttle Enterprise, NASA’s original orbiter that inspired the entire space shuttle program, into its fold of spectacular exhibits this summer.

At present the Space Shuttle Enterprise is undergoing some alterations so it can be transported safely from Washington DC to its new home in New York.

Nearly one million museum visitors join educational air, space and sea-adventures with the Intrepid’s help every year. Concentrating on education, this unique museum – the USS Intrepid was once one of NASA’s prime recovery vessels for the Gemini and Mercury space missions – has contributors like astronauts John Young and Scott Carpenter to inspire a new generation of space travellers and delight older visitors, who remember the lunar landings vividly from their childhood.

On 14th March this year none other than astronaut Neil Armstrong himself came to visit the museum as part of the Legends of Aerospace Tour, just one of many events held at the Intrepid.

The Space Shuttle Enterprise will eventually be displayed on the flight deck, surrounded by lunar landing craft and various artefacts relating to space travel. Visitors will be able to walk around this famous craft. During school holidays there are also special children’s events, where kids can join a full-day, drop-off program and go on a guided journey of discovery on the USS Intrepid.

The museum exhibits include a collection of museum ships, which can be found at Pier 86 at 46th Street, which is located on the West Side of Manhattan. There are also a Lockheed A-12 supersonic reconnaissance plane, a submarine and a Concorde SST on display. Time Out Magazine called the museum one of the best interactive museum’s in New York – or pretty much anywhere for that matter!

The USS Intrepid actually dates back to the time of WWII and there’s even a helicopter on show that would have been used during that time. The mess hall on the other hand is decorated in the style of 1969, when the USA was involved in other conflicts.

For those visitors who’d like to know more about the science that lies behind some of the above technological advancements, there is the New York Hall of Science at 47-01 111th Street at 47th Avenue. Originally constructed for the 1964 World Fair, the Hall of Science offers easy to understand explanations for some of our most puzzling inventions and quantum physics theories. Colourful, hands-on exhibits allow visitors to get to grips with subjects like the Realm of the Atom or Marvellous Molecules. In summer the 30,000 sq. ft. Science Hall is turned into an elaborate playground for children, where they can let off steam and learn a thing or two about the universe and the world they live in at the same time!

How to get there: The AirTrain from Terminal 4 at John F Kennedy Airport links up with the NYC subway service and the main Bus Terminal as well as Grand Central Station and Penn Station on a half hourly service (for more info, please visit www.NYCAirporter.com). Several suppliers of car hire rentals have their service desks at John F Kennedy Airport, too.

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