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Passengers going to JFK International Airport have many options. They may ride a private vehicle, ride the AirTrain, hire the services of a taxicab, hire pre-arranged car services, ride a private shuttle, or choose car rental services. You have the liberty to choose any of these options. All have their own advantage and disadvantages. To give you a preview on what these could be, we have provided a helpful analysis of these JFK International Airport going back and forth consequences.

The AirTrain option is one of the cheapest. It is also the fastest. It is always on time and will never let you arrive late at the airport or arrive late on your place of destination because it follows a schedule. It is available 24/7 and it only requires you to pay $2.50. However, this may not be very convenient for those with many luggages. You may not find it very easy to carry these huge luggages even if there are shuttles that will take you to the airport terminals. It is the best option for any passenger who is travelling with only a carry on bag.

The taxicab option is also another great way to travel to and from the airport. It will ask you to pay a flat rate of $45.00 if you will leave from JFK airport any points in Manhattan. This is perfect for those who are traveling with family members because these vehicles allow four members to ride the taxicab at the same rate. There are no additional fees for luggage per passenger and the taxicab drivers are highly professional. Just make sure you get these taxicabs from official taxi dispatch sections to avoid hiring the services of drivers that do not adhere to the regulation of the transportation committee of New York City.

The Car Service option is great for those who do not wish to wait in line for their taxicab. You may inform the car service of your arrival or departure time so it can come and pick you up on that designated time. However, you must be prepared to pay more for this personalized service. Nevertheless, the luxury you will get from this service guarantees lesser frustrations and stress at the airport. The more economical option is to inform a friend or relative that you will be arriving at JFK. They may wish to pick you up for free. But if this is not possible then this may be the only option you have, especially if you do not know how to get to different areas in New York City. Rental car companies may also provide you economical service because you are given your own car to use during your stay, but if you do not know the premises of NYC then you may only get lost. You may request for additional amenities like GPS from these car rental companies, but you will be spending additional fees per day for these gadgets. Several taxes have to be paid in exchange for the convenience of travelling with your own car.

The New York Airport Service Express Bus is recommended to those who will be travelling long distances from JFK International Airport. You do not need to worry about luggage space because these buses have enough to accommodate your luggage. The fare is as low as $13.00 and it even offers a free bus transportation ride for children under 12. You may disembark at the Grand Central, Penn Station, or the Port Authority. The ride may take an hour, so you may consider it a great way to have cheap sightseeing of the city. The trip schedule of these buses is posted on the website, so you can plan the best time to go to the bus stop.

Super Shuttles are giving their services 24 hours a day. This is similar to car service companies because it provides door-to-door service. The fare ranges from $15.00 to $19.00 based on your destination. You are not expected to make any reservations if you will ride them after arriving at the airport; however, you need to make reservations if you wish to request for their service for your return trip to the airport. Those who will be travelling in groups are recommended to use the Go Airlink NYC because it provides shared transfers from JFK. The cost per person is $18.00 but will be given for $64.00 to $133.00 for groups exceeding ten passengers. You may not consider it if you are travelling alone because of the wait time, but it will be perfect for groups arriving at the airport.

Passengers who wish to transfer from JFK Airport to another like La Guardia or Newark may take free Route terminals offered by the airport. Those going to La Guardia are advised to take Route A buses and this runs from 4:00am until 11:30 pm while Route B buses operates from 6:00 am to 2:00 am. Other companies offering their services for a minimal amount include ETS Air Shuttle, NYC Airporter, and All County Express for those going to LaGuardia; and the State Shuttle, ETS Air Shuttle, an AirTrain JFK for those going to Newark Liberty.

It is best to make a decision on which type of ground transportation you will be using upon arrival at the airport. These will give you ample time so you can make the necessary reservations with the ground transportation company of your choice before you take flight. This aspect of your travel plan should always be included because this has been the major cause of complaints among passengers. Do not be one of those passengers who will wait in line at the airport. Do not be one of these passengers who are lost in disappointment because they failed to do their homework and researched the perfect ground transportation before proceeding with their travel plans. Find the most accommodating and most economical way of getting to John F. Kennedy International Airport and enjoy your entire trip and tours.

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